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Following the success of two previous Special Issues in Rice with 16 published articles that we recommend your reading in:

Editorial with summaries of several papers:

Quality Assay, Processing and Bio-Function of Rice Products

Rice: From Staple Food to Innovative, Safe, Authentic and Healthy Foods

Foods is releasing the new Special Issue "Sustainability, Safety, Health Claims and Authenticity: Pathways for Improving Sensory Quality, Physiological Function, and Utilization of Rice" with manuscript submissions deadline of 30 November 2023.

Message from the Guest Editors

Dear Colleagues,

More than half of the world’s population live on rice grains, mainly consumed as table rice, but they can be processed by grinding, fermenting, sprouting, and, ultimately, physical and chemical processes. And heavy metals, contamination with toxic microorganisms, and toxic chemicals must not be detected in rice grains and rice-based products.

The sensory quality of rice is also of greater importance to the consumers than ever before. Evaluations of rice palatability from different cultivars are performed via sensory testing, physicochemical measurements, and other authenticity tools for certifying premium brands.

Scientific reports on the biofunctional effects of bioactive substances for maintaining a long and healthy life are increasing year by year, and health-food claims have been adopted.

In addition to traditional rice products, novel rice products have been developed using various new processing technologies.

We hope that this Special Issue in terms of the novel information it provides on rice science and technology, helping us all to lead happy and healthy lives.

Dr. Carla Brites,

Prof. Dr. Cristina M. Rosell,

Guest Editors