IATA-CSIC presented a poster at CyTA-CESIA Congress

Food scientists and technologists must advance and innovate in the development of processes and products that guarantee the health of the consumer and the competitiveness of the agri-food sector. However, this progress requires specialized human resources and advances in knowledge provided by research. That is why for years the CyTA-CESIA congress has been organized,a biennial event that jointly convenes the congresses of "Food Science and Technology" (endorsed by the Conference of Deans of Food Science and Technology, CCyTA) and "Food Engineering" (CESIA). This congress is, since its inception, a meeting point for all those professionals related to science, technology and food engineering. The University of Zaragoza hosted the XI edition of this event, on June 20, 21 and 22, to meet and share the latest advances in scientific research and teaching innovation in the agri-food field. During this event IATA-CSIC presented the poster.

M.I. VALDEZ, J GARCÍA, M ÚBEDA-MANZANARO, A. MARTINEZ, D. RODRIGO. Quitosano de insecto como antimicrobiano natural frente a células vegetativas de Bacillus cereus en una matriz de arroz cocido.