Mission to Portugal by the University of Alexandria

Mission to Portugal (April 15-19, 2024) led by Professors Abdel-Wahab Shalaby Kassem and Abdalla Mossed Zeineldin, representing the University of Alexandria in TRACE-RICE

Day 1:

Their visit to the campus of Oeiras, housing three TRACE-RICE partners (INIAV, ITQB NOVA, iBET), commenced with an extensive tour of the technology and innovation unit at INIAV. They explored various food science and technology laboratories showcasing ongoing projects in cereals, legume grains, and the dairy sector. The meeting with the president of INIAV highlighted the potential for strengthening collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Alexandria, especially in projects relevant to the Mediterranean region.

At iBET, they delved into the Food & Health Division pilot unit, gaining insights into Bioactives Extraction methods like Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Encapsulation equipment. See iBET TRACE-RICE video.

Additionally, they visited ITQB-NOVA, witnessing different plant growth chambers showcasing rice plants obtained through genetic manipulation, including GREEN-IT research unit phenotyping chambers.

Day 2:

Their itinerary included a visit to Dacsa Atlantic, a leading enterprise specializing in the drying, storage, and milling of rice and corn. Situated in Coruche, a pivotal rice production region, Dacsa offers a diverse portfolio of processed rice and maize products catering to industries such as baby food, food processing, and brewing. See Dacsa video.

Day 3:

The day commenced with a visit to the Cotarroz- Rice Operational and Technological Center, where they attended presentations by Cátia Nunes Soares and Lourenço Palha on the National Breeding Program, gaining valuable insights.

Subsequently, they explored Orivárzea, an enterprise dedicated to rice drying, storage, and milling, partnered with rice producers. Notably, the Carolino rice produced by Orivárzea in Lezíria Ribatejana boasts a PGI - Protected Geographical Indication qualification, underscoring its quality and significance. See Orivárzea video.

Day 4:

On April 19th, the TRACE-RICE executive board 6th meeting convened alongside representatives from all partner organizations. The meeting saw a total of 24 participants, utilizing a hybrid format with 12 attendees present in person and the remaining 12 joining virtually. Work Package leaders delivered updates on task progress and shared achieved results. This session played a crucial role, fostering robust discussions and strategic planning, especially regarding the replication of outcomes in Egypt.