Rice: From Staple Food to Innovative, Safe, Authentic and Healthy Foods

"One Last month!!! Welcome to submit to our "Foods" Special Issue - "Rice: From Staple Food to Innovative, Safe, Authentic and Healthy Foods". There are already 4 papers published, 1 paper under process and 2 papers to be submitted.

According to the message of the editors, rice is the primary staple food for about half of the world’s population and it provides 20% of the calories consumed worldwide. The relevance of rice has been increasing due to its fundamental role in modern and healthy diets, that has been accompanied of many research and innovations. Rice is endowed with a rich genetic diversity that covers a great range of varieties with different food applications, urges the need for authenticity tools to prevent fraudulent variety claims. Rice safety challenges are related to chemical and biological contaminants. The application of new technologies and blockchain approach for adding value to the grain and for the conversion of by-products in innovative ingredients will contribute to the development of healthy and tasteful rice-based foods.

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