TRACE-RICE is hiring a Senior Technician

It is made public that, by Order of the Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Professor João Sáàgua, issued on 20th January 2023, a call is open to hire a Senior Technician, under a contract for an uncertain term in accordance with the “Regulation on the careers, recruitment and employment contracts of non-teaching and non-research staff under the employment contract regime of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA)” , hereinafter referred to as Regulation. The selected candidate will work as Senior Technician in the Plants Division of the António Xavier Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB NOVA), to perform functions in the area of Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biological Sciences, integrated in the International project “TRACE-RICE - Tracing rice and valorizing side streams along Mediterranean blockchain”,  funded by PRIMA-H2020 European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation ((Ref. PRIMA-H2020-n.1934) and in the FCT Research Unit GREEN-IT Bioresources for Sustainability.
The Senior Technician to be hired will develop research work within the current phase of the project's development, which is not expected to exceed 18 months.

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