WP2 meeting to move forward

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The WP2 team, lead by Jorge Oliveira from Ernesto Morgado, was meet in the 14 of October and the main objective was to joint 15 persons from four partners (EM, INIAV, iBET, CSIC-IATA), to better clarify tasks, responsibilities and timeline as well to know their research capacities. It was an interesting and interactive online meeting with a fruitful exchange of ideas and all participants left the...

TRACE-RICE at "Festival Internacional de Ciência"

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The Trace-Rice project will be present at the INIAV stand in the "Festival Internacional de Ciência" a science and technology event organized by Oeiras municipality. This Festival is a 6-day journey into the worlds of science and technology where we will celebrate knowledge, curiosity and creativity through an innovative and free programme

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TRACE-RICE team published in "Granos & Postcosecha Latinoamerica"

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The TRACE-RICE team published an article, in the "Granos & Postcosecha Latinoamerica" magazine, entitled "Rice: Innovation in a traditional cereal". It is well known that rice is a traditional cereal that is mainly consumed as cooked rice after polishing. However, in this article, we can learn that the globalization has allowed transferring autochthonous consuming practices and with them the...

TRACE-RICE presented at European Night of Researchers

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The TRACE-RICE project was presented, with great visibility, at the INIAV stand, during the European Night of Researchers, this year dedicated to the European Ecological Pact. This event, carried out in hybrid format, has allowed several research teams, from the most different areas of science, to come together to show the scientific advances that will allow us to live more responsibly on the...

TRACE-RICE presented at Agroglobal

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The TRACE-RICE project was presented last 7th September at Agroglobal fair ( It was an opportunity to know more about the project, the goals and to share different views with stakeholders about sustainability challenges that rice has to face nowadays. Many thanks to all that visited also the Casa do Arroz stand ind order to know and taste about this high value product.

First General Assembly meeting

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The TRACE-RICE project officially launched on 1st September of 2020 and the first General Assembly took place on 10th of December. Due to the special COVID-19 situation, we met in a video conference and all 10 partners from 3 countries, in total 36 participants, gathered for half a day with intensive exchanges, discussions and presentations on the various work packages and planning actions...

TRACE-RICE team present at 1st International Electronic Conference on Food Science and Functional Foods

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TRACE-RICE team present at 1st International Electronic Conference on Food Science and Functional Foods with the presentation ‘Evaluation of starch hydrolysis for glycemic index prediction of rice varieties’, 10–25 November 2020; Available online:

Deadline for manuscript submissions in Foods Special Issues was postponed

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For centuries Rice has been a staple food worldwide and nowadays is the focus of many innovation from seeds to foods.

Because of that we strongly believe that Rice deserves the opportunity to have a Foods Special Issue that compiles the latest research of the international scientific community.

Considering the extensive research in Rice and our goal of covering the different approaches, two...

Trace-Rice team publication was identified to be in the top 1% worldwide in citation metrics for articles published in 2018

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In an independent assessment of publication impact undertaken by University College Cork in September 2020, one of our teams publications was identified to be in the top 1% worldwide in citation metrics for articles published in 2018. This used the SciVal citation analysis resource, which interrogates the Scopus database, and applying the 'Field Weighted Citation Impact' metric that also takes...